Jeevan Rekha Parishad

Human Rights & Peace Education   Odisha Conflict Mediation Centre (OCMC)
RTI Good Governance

Human Rights & Peace Education

Project SAKHYAM (Child Care and Protection) :- 

  • Home Based Management and Care of Children with Disabilities
  • Alternative Care of Children without parental support
  • Group home for differentially able children
  • Care and Support of Children with HIV/AIDS
  • Networking with foundation for children and community (FCC)

 Project SWADHIKAR (Human Rights) :-

Program for vocational traning , Income generation, SGH promotion and micro credit initiative for women of island villages of chilika & Tribal women.

SGH members in chilika and chandaka have started income generation program such as ornamental fish cultivation ,Psciculture,Crab Cultivation, honey processing .A SGH federation has been established in chilika as a pressure group that arises voice fro the rights of fisher women.

  • Paralegal Training for Women.
  • Land Rights Campaign.
  • NGO Networking on Human Rights.
  • Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Campaign.
  • My Daughter is My Strength Campaig.
  • End Child Labour Campaign.
  • Campaign for protecting the rights of PWDs and PLWAs.
  • Human Rights Monitoring.
  • Training of NGOs as Human Rights Defenders.

Lobby, Advocacy and Networking :- 

  • Member, Advocacy Project, USA.
  • Member, Equal in Rights, Netherlands for Land Rights Campaign.
  • Member, OMCT Torture Network, Geneva.
  • Founder Member, WAR-Orissa for Safe Motherhood.
  • India Coordinating Organization for Youth in Action Programme of European Agencies.
  • Focal Point – Rights and Advocacy International Network (Rain) working for Climate Change, Health Advocacy and Good Governance.
  • Focal Point – Foundation for Children and Community (FCC) – working on Child Rights.
  • Focal Point – National Human Rights Foundation (NHRF) – working on Human Rights Issues.
  • Focal Point – Euro India Youth Network – working for Youth and Cultural Exchange Programme.
  • Facilitating Center (FCC) of LAYA/IIPLS for Para Legal Training

 Tools for Equal Sustainable Developement :-

This Programme has started with the support of EC, 12 number of Europeans NGOs namely Italy, France, Ukraine, Equador, India, Nepal, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Senegal were actively participated in the programme “Tools for Equal, sustainable development for women”. 

Objective :- The general aim of work was to develop a global area network for improve the role of women in sustainable “development education”.

Odisha Conflict Mediation Centre (OCMC)

 Overall Objective :-

  • The establishment of a OCMC in the premises of State Social Welfare Board, Govt. of Odisha
  • OCMC  backed, primarily, by panels of Mediators competent to mediate different types of dispute/conflicts.
  • Motto: Your Choices. Your decisions. Our Process.


Odisha  Mediation Center strives to provide the community we serve with a process for resolving disputes through:

  • Empowerment: Our process provides parties with the opportunity to choose their own solution.
  • Education: Through skills training and increased awareness programs, we promote alternatives for conflict resolution.
  • Effectiveness: The OMC advantage is an excellent pool of highly trained mediators and a skilled staff dedicated to ensuring exceptional quality.


Odisha Mediation Center is the preferred choice of individuals, families, and organizations seeking an effective process for solving disputes in Odisha Our programs serve as a model of excellence for understanding, managing, and resolving conflict.


In conducting this plan, we looked closely at the strengths, vulnerabilities and opportunities of the Odisha Mediation Center (OMC). As a result, it was determined that OMC would focus over the next three years on the following four areas:

  1. Building relationships with the community, schools, courts and government entities to increase case referrals;
  2. Developing and expanding new programs, mainly focused upon children;
  3. Operational efficiency;
  4. Board of Directors/Governance.

To be effective in these four areas, OMC will embark on a path of continuous improvement, consistent effort, and intelligent collaboration. In addition, the plan also recognizes that if OMC is to continue providing quality services to the community, it must ensure that it has a strong enough infrastructure to sustain current and future programs as well as invest in its most valuable resource – its staff. Below is a summary of the organizations goals for the next three years. They have been categorized into seven separate areas. To ensure these identified goals are prioritized and pursued, a yearly plan for action and measurements will be developed by the Executive.

 MEDIATION Consortium Partners

  1. State Social Welfare Board
  2. State Commission for Women
  3. MasterPeace India
  4. People’s Watch
  5. 92.7 BIG. FM Radio
  6. OTV
  7. State Legal Advisory Board
  8. State Human Rights Commission
  9. State Information Commission
  10. UNICEF
  11. UNFPA
  12. UNDP


Madhu Network Project

Madhu Network Project (MNP)


Chilika ECO Project

Chilika ECO Project


Master Peace Club India

Master Peace Club India


E- Waste Environment Education

E- Waste Environment Education


Occupational Health

Occupational Health


Education & Rehabilition

Challangers Education & Rehabilition


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Good Governance & RTI


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Human Rights Networking


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Jeevan Jyoti (Health)


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Nirmal Gram (Water & Sanitation)

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European Voluntary Services (EVS)


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Italian National Youth Civil Services


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FCRA Compliance

Our Partners

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Prof(Ms) Bedabati Mohanty
Ms. Kalpana pattnaik
Ms. Archana Khandayat roy
Ms. P.Das Mohapatra
Ms. Mohapatra Minati Bhanja
Ms. Indra Pattnaik
Ms. Madhusmita Mishra
Dr.(Ms)Anita Choudhury
Dr. Atasi Mohanty
Ms. Manasi Pattnaik
Ms. Sabita Behera


Dr. Bimalendu Mohanty
(Former Vice chancellor Utkal University of Culture Bhubaneswar)
Mr. Perry Gottesfeld
(Executive Director Occupational Knowledge International ,USA)
Ms. Anima Basak
(Vienna India Women's Assn.Austria)
Ms. Jyosna Chattarjee
(Joint Women's programme New Delhi)


Adress: 387 Damana Square
Chandra Shekharpur
Pin Code : 751016
State : Odisha

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