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Madhu Network Programme (MNP)   Project Chilika ECO- 3

Madhu Network Programme (MNP)

Building Capacity for Commercial Viability  of 300 Women Beekeepers Belonging  to Below Poverty Line (BPL) in Odisha, India.


We have ended the phase one/ year one of the MNP Project Supported by Jeevika Trust, UK through DFID.. The Project is a Livelihood Project targeting SC/ST and Marginalised women with following objectives.

 To improve the socio-economic status of women
 To get sustainable benefits from the local environment
 To reduce rural poverty
 Give your contribution to a more equal and sustainable world:

However the summary of progress of the project could be following.

        • We promoted 183 beehive colonies through 24 women self Help Groups (SHGs) consisting of 300 women beekeepers which provided them additional income additional crop production due to pollination.
        • The project produced simple and pictorial and Honey processing related resource materials and taught the women beekeepers simple technique of beekeeping. 
        • The project organized capacity building training for 200 women beekeepers, provided training and other information materials, arranged the provision of guidance documents and ongoing and on the spot supervision.

      • Revolving fund of Rs.1000/- were provided to each group for use of the same for marketing linkage, packaging and getting their groups registered and opening of bank accounts and also for use of the fund to maintain beehives and units and to pay for extra beehives.    
    • The presence of beehives in forest areas has lowered the risk of deforestation and has increased the crop production in the area. 

  • The project empowered the community to develop their own infrastructure like district resource center for sale of honey and honey products. Incomes of beekeepers have been increased and livelihoods have become more secure. Communities are involved throughout and are now better able to undertake different types of crops and getting more yields due to pollination. MNP provided sustainable impacts in areas said the SHGs of all the three project districts. 
 Natural Tribal Honey, the true taste of Orissa!
Some SHGs have said that “For us beekeeping is a gift from God. There was nothing but hopelessness in our lives; the bees have brought us hope for the future”. Even if they sting us five times a day, we have come to ignore that and nurture them as if they were our very own children”.

Project Chilika ECO- 3 Berhampur

Objective :

      • To develop other sources of income
      • To cope with Limited supplies of electricity and water 
      • To limit the diseases due to low/inadequate hygiene
      • To improve transports to the mainland to have access to resources and local markets
      • To promote awareness on the importance of environment
      • To increase the independence of the women
      • To enhance the house safety conditions
      • To build shelter for villagers to protect them in case of cyclone and high tyde 


    • School Programmes:
    • School Health and Hygiene Education
    • Computer Teaching
    • Students Eco Club: 
    • Vegetable and Fruit trees plantation 
    • Vermicompost Training and Construction of 
    • Vermicompost Pits
    • Use of bins and waste recycle


Women Self Help Groups SHG: 

  • 100 women  belonging to 6 SHG group
  • Crab and Prawn Cultivation 
  • Kitchen Garden Development
  • Banana and Cashew Plantation 
  • Smokeless Stoves  Construction
  • Microcredit financing projects

Community Programmes:

  • Cyclone Shelter Building 
  • Water pumps and Toilets Construction 
  • Financially helping fishermen to repair
  • boats  
  • Provide new fish storage


Madhu Network Project

Madhu Network Project (MNP)


Chilika ECO Project

Chilika ECO Project


Master Peace Club India

Master Peace Club India


E- Waste Environment Education

E- Waste Environment Education


Occupational Health

Occupational Health


Education & Rehabilition

Challangers Education & Rehabilition


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Good Governance & RTI


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Human Rights Networking


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Jeevan Jyoti (Health)


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Nirmal Gram (Water & Sanitation)

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Prof(Ms) Bedabati Mohanty
Ms. Kalpana pattnaik
Ms. Archana Khandayat roy
Ms. P.Das Mohapatra
Ms. Mohapatra Minati Bhanja
Ms. Indra Pattnaik
Ms. Madhusmita Mishra
Dr.(Ms)Anita Choudhury
Dr. Atasi Mohanty
Ms. Manasi Pattnaik
Ms. Sabita Behera


Dr. Bimalendu Mohanty
(Former Vice chancellor Utkal University of Culture Bhubaneswar)
Mr. Perry Gottesfeld
(Executive Director Occupational Knowledge International ,USA)
Ms. Anima Basak
(Vienna India Women's Assn.Austria)
Ms. Jyosna Chattarjee
(Joint Women's programme New Delhi)


Adress: 387 Damana Square
Chandra Shekharpur
Pin Code : 751016
State : Odisha

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